Black Trump Supporters

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For the life of me there is one thing that I can’t and don’t understand. How can a black man or black women explain the thought process of supporting a clear and present racist President. I know personally of a few that do it like it’s a sport “Your team versus my team.” Racism has everything to do with the belief that a different race possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.

For the people who believe that it’s their inherent right to go against the grain and over look the racist aspect and focus on other points of interest this is where I get lost. The mere fact that your ancestors fought for your right to no longer be oppressed and have equal opportunity.

Sad part about this is we have black people whom over look there color regularly thinking that if they don’t see color then no one else will. In the current environment this just isn’t a realistic thought process. Just because you choose to be oblivious to racism doesn’t mean your fellow African American counterparts have to take the same approach.

If your going against the grain for views and being popular it doesn’t align you with your people it only further divides us and you. When if you were really trying to open your people eyes to something then you would approach it in a way that benefits your own kind instead of standing back and pointing out the obvious flaws that can be located and found in any race of people.

Sad that your reduced to standing on the backs of your own kind in order to make yourself look taller. Looking taller doesn’t actually make you taller it only magnifies how simple minded you really are.


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